Lakewood resident Narelle Reardon calls for yellow and red bins in the Camden Haven

Last week all these little blue posts with walking track icons on them popped up around Queens Lake Sailing Club reserve area indicating what to me seems to be very obvious.

If only the funds used for this project could have been channeled into an extra bin or two for this reserve the result would have been far more beneficial for the environment and the wildlife that live there as well as the aesthetic appeal to humans.

As a regular walker of this track I very often pick up the plastic wrappers and rubbish that birds and wind dislodge from the overflowing bins in this reserve before it gets blown into the lake and to try and keep this beautiful area beautiful. But a lot of rubbish would end up in the lake anyway I'm sure.

In last week's Courier edition (November 22) Dave Castleton from the Sailing Club was bringing attention to the problem also, adding that extra household rubbish is also dumped here which compounds the problem.

It would be great if the council could place  large red and yellow bins near their Laurieton offices. 

This would mean households had a suitable place to put excess household rubbish that happens from time to time, instead of dumping it in places like Queens Lake Reserve or worse still the bush!

Thank you,

Narelle Reardon