North Haven resident Marjorie Whalley thanks people for assistance after fall

On November 25 the annual Salvation Army Toy Run paraded past the North Haven Shopping area. It was thrilling to watch as they tooted and we cheered. Unfortunately, standing so long I went a bit wobbly in one leg and while stepping off the last step near the pharmacy I had a fall.

I'm fine except for some bark stripped from the limbs but I was shocked a bit too.

I'm writing today to thank the angels who  rushed to my aid. To the stranger in the brown dress. First to reach me and told me not to move. Dear lady, you even stood over me to shade me from the sun. The lady who does the prescriptions in our pharmacy also stayed with me and even offered to take me for a coffee to settle myself. Your actions were also comforting to me. Chef Brendon, who I have seen before rush out to help people was again in his role to help another. The gentlemen who offered further assistance is also appreciated for his words.  The lovely Christine from the bakery walked me to my car and offered to drive me home.

These are busy people but all were ready to go out of their way for another. I will be thanking you in person on my next visit to town but you do deserve wider recognition for all your care of community. Wishing you and your families a very prosperous and Merry Christmas.  

Marjorie Whalley 

North Haven