Take the kids to the Glasshouse this weekend for the fantastic neon artistic display called Stringdom

An art installation to blow your mind, Bryony Anderson and Rae Howell are taking the under appreciated traditional baling twine and turning it into a masterpiece, all in the name of art.

Using over six kilometres of bailing twine donated by local Hastings farmers to the Hastings Co-op, artist Bryony Anderson said that the final stages of the installation are coming together.

“We, myself and Rae have worked together before but this installation is about bringing together an item that is currently not able to be recycled in NSW, and would just go to landfill, and using it in a new, creative and inventive way.

“We wanted to be a part of Neon Summer to show just some of the possibilities of twine that particularly kids would have never thought of.

“The installation will be presented in a non instructional way so that everyone who comes in can help build, explore and play in the space, in any way they want,” Ms Anderson said.

There will be a number of parts to the installation and kids and adults alike will have the opportunity to play a bathtub guitar along with a trampoline harp made out of twine.

“The musical tub was a commissioned piece done by Ashraya Hamen, a locally based salvage artist and music maker, which is really exciting and it is a really obvious way of recycling something – in this case a rusty tub – into something beautiful.

“The whole space is very hands on and caters to people who want to dive right in as well as those who want to just sit and obsess with a very specific art piece,” she said.

Sound engineer Rae Howell will be using the tub to make sounds which will be used throughout the installation over the two day exhibition, as well as using different lights to change the colour of the whole space.

“It is really exciting to be able to be a part of something like this, and it will be great to see the kids be able to play the bath and get enjoyment out of something they probably wouldn’t have even been able to imagine,” Ms Howell said.

The free installation will be open to the public from 10am- 3pm on Saturday January 13 and Sunday January 14 at the Glasshouse in Port Macquarie, coinciding with the Glasshouses Family Fun Day on January 14.