Seniors in Port Macquarie are hitting the dance floor in record number boosting mental and physical health

It was a hot bed of activity at the Port Macquarie Senior Citizens’ Club on Monday January 8, with almost 70 people working up a sweat on the dance floor, but according to club president Marjie Utley that is nothing out of the ordinary.

“Monday morning beginners dance class is one of the most popular activities we have at the club and we always have at least 60 people each week.

“For us it is a chance to have a social morning surrounded by friends and to have a good time regardless of our dancing abilities,” Mrs Utley said.

The atmosphere during the class was fantastic and dance leader Angus Fraser said it is all about people coming together to have some fun.

“The club is excellent for people to help them stay young, especially the dancing because it works the body but also the mind by ensuring people remember the steps.

“The way we do it, it’s a gentle activity that keeps the memory going as we add steps to the dances every so often.

“We have people with a range of abilities come to the classes and we mix up the partners so even people who live on their own are more than welcome to come and have a go on the dance floor,” Mr Fraser said.

The eldest dancer of the group, 96 year old Arthur Dixon said that he loved coming every week for the social experience.

“It keeps me active and I love the music so I keep coming back and having a great time.

“I started dancing in 1984 and continue to come to the class because I think it is good for my soul,” Mr Dixon said. 

The youngest dancer of the group Petra Thun also said that she is enjoying the classes.

“When I moved to Port Macquarie I begged the club to let me join and I haven’t looked back, everyone is so nice and for the price you can’t go wrong,” Ms Thun said.

Another dancer, Eric Wilkinson said that he has been dancing at the club for more than 20 years.

“I didn’t do any dancing until I was in my 60’s but one day I came to the club to check it out and haven’t looked back.

“A lot of the members who come to the activities come for various reasons and I always tell people it is no good sitting at home on your own, there are so many activities here that even if you don’t like one thing there is bound to be something you will enjoy,” Mr Wilkinson said.