Throwback Thursday - January, 2009 in the Camden Haven Courier

Check out what and who was making news in by viewing these photos from the Camden Haven Courier nine years ago in 2009.

In the January 14, 2009 edition of the Camden Haven Courier it was reported that The Lake Cathie Medical Centre officially opened. 

“A long awaited celebration was enjoyed after Independent Member for Lyne Robert Oakeshott officially opened the Lake Cathie Medical Centre,” the article on page one said. 

“The $1.4 million development was accessible to the public in early December and doctors Lorraine Evans, Sam Nelapati, Kevin Clahane and Graham Carey alongside other staff have been working vigilantly to support the needs of the community since.

“Practice manager Nicole Lewis-Bain said that although the centre was at full capacity, new staff had been appointed to meet patient needs.” 

Who can you spot in our gallery?