Telstra is working on fixing antenna at Middle Brother station

Telstra area general manager Mike Marom says there is an issue with the 3G antenna attached to the Middle Brother mobile base station, which might be impacting some customers’ ability to make and receive calls. 

“We have fast tracked a technician to the site and we are working to have the issue fixed as quickly as possible,” he said. 

“We apologise for any inconvenience and understand the frustration this can cause.”

Mr Marom said there was also an issue on January 11 at the Middle Brother base station caused by a faulty air conditioner, which impacted services for a few hours and has now been resolved.

The further disruption to mobile services comes as  Telstra area general manager Michael Marom said mobile services had been restored at the Jolly Nose Hill site on January 5. 

Mr Marom said the mobile site at Jolly Nose was damaged by lightning during recent storms and required significant repairs. 

However residents in the Camden Haven locations of West Haven, Lakewood, Laurieton, Kendall and Kew  continued to report to the Camden Haven Courier that they had little or no Telstra mobile reception.  

A Telstra spokesperson said it will provide an update to residents on Monday of progress of work at Middle Brother.