The fine art of paper-making at the Glasshouse | photos

The art of making paper by hand is a beautiful one, shown at the Glasshouse in a special workshop. Giselle Penn, a technical officer at the University of Newcastle, taught the skills she has practised for 20 years.

“It’s a beautiful process.  I love getting lost in it.  It is meditative,” said Giselle, who used ponytail palms from her garden, mixed with water and soda ash.

Gallery curator Niomi Sands said it was chance to bring people together to share skills.

“People told us they wanted to make paper so we set up this workshop. We like to provide our community with the opportunity to have creative experiences,” she said.

The workshop was part of the Neon summer festival; the Glasshouse runs evening classes and workshops all year based on painting, drawing and print-making.