Laurieton Lakeside embrace holistic health approach

Laurieton is very fortunate to have one of the most experienced nursing teams in the aged care industry with highly qualified staff.
Laurieton is very fortunate to have one of the most experienced nursing teams in the aged care industry with highly qualified staff.

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FOR many the thought of moving into aged care living can be quite daunting.

This is a totally new way of living which brings with it certain adjustments and presents many questions.

Will I like it? Will I be comfortable there?  

Who are the people already living there and will I make friends easily?

How each day is spent and the fear of loss of independence can also play on people’s minds.

But not all aged care facilities are created equal. 

Some are designed to keep up your social life, maintain your independence and help you choose what’s right for you.

Laurieton Lakeside aged care residence is the perfect example of just this with the launch of their new “Lakeview” wing, featuring 22 luxury single suites nestled in the bushland setting on the picturesque shores of Queens Lake on the mid north coast.

The time is now 

Laurieton Lakeside aged care residence will launch their new "Lakeview" wing featuring 22 luxury single suites located on Queens Lake.

Laurieton Lakeside aged care residence will launch their new "Lakeview" wing featuring 22 luxury single suites located on Queens Lake.

Laurieton Lakeside are currently taking reservations for the new “Lakeview” wing and will host their official open day on Friday March 2 between 10.30am and 1.30pm and Saturday March 3 between 9am  and 12pm. 

Dubbed the jewel in the crown, the new Lakeview suites, are part of an extensive upgrade program incorporating a complete renovation and refurbishment of Laurieton Lakeside that first opened its doors in 1993, and has been operated by the family-run business Halenvy Pty Ltd since development. 

For the past 25 years, Halenvy has ensured the standard of aged care living is anything but standard and the new addition of the Lakeview suites will continue to lead their legacy and envied reputation throughout the mid north coast region.

Halenvy’s operations general manager, Mr Tim Cummins said the Lakeview suites focus on offering residents a lifestyle where independence, community and choice are fundamental. 

“We see ourselves as an industry leader in terms of the level of choice we’re offering,” Mr Cummins said.

All in the details 

The premier aged care wing features luxuries you’d expect in a new aged hotel, including; state-of-the-art interiors, multiple dining areas and lounge rooms, computer access and Foxtel availability. 

Upon inspection of this impressive new wing it will come as no surprise, the interiors have been designed by renowned aged-care interior designer, Trisha Shields who cleverly blends the philosophy of elegance and practicality with contemporary furnishings, fittings and finishes to achieve complete comfort.

Each suite has been carefully considered to accommodate all levels of care with the latest equipment, featuring durable and easily cleaned materials that achieve the right balance between aesthetics and practicality. 

The suites are significantly spacious, spanning 23 sq m, with a five sq m luxury en suite bathroom. 

Couples have the opportunity to use one suite as a lounge room and a second suite as a bedroom.

This exciting evolution of Laurieton Lakeside is ultimately redefining age care living where residents and their family and friends will feel part of a community designed to promote balance and certainty.

We are more prepared for residents’ needs with the opening of the Laurieton Lakeview suites. People want their own room and ensuite and we are able to accommodate that for them.

Mr Tim Cummins

Community life

As you get older, it’s common that your social life will experience highs and lows, which can be difficult adjusting to. 

So whilst it can be daunting making new friends, there is immeasurable value in remaining socially active that helps boost mental wellbeing. 

Laurieton Lakeside is a unique and meticulously designed environment that promotes community activities that enrich the lives of the residents and offer a greater sense of belonging and purpose each day.     

Mr Cummins said Laurieton Lakeside stands out from other aged care facilities due to their diverse selection of lifestyle programs that are customised to the residents wants and needs.

“Our lifestyle programs are coming along in leaps and bounds,” he said.

“Our team collaboratively develop new programs so there’s never a stagnant moment in terms of activities – it’s a really fluid environment.” 

Laurieton Lakeside’s diverse offering of lifestyle programs is a testament to this process of reviewing and evolving their quality of care.  

Mr Cummins said the Laurieton Lakeside’s location is very different to other places on the mid north coast that tend to be located in more developed areas.

“Laurieton is surrounded by the lake and a forest. 

“It's like you're out in the wilderness,” he said.

Holistic health 

Mr Cummins said their clinical expertise and longevity of staff has been integral in building their reputation. 

“Our core staff unit are very well trained and have experience in hospitals and doctor surgeries that provides them with invaluable knowledge.”

“Aged care isn’t just about the environment it’s about holistic health – it brings in this whole other network with our allied health professionals.”

“We work everyday with hospitals, GP’s and physios and it’s really good when you’ve got a dedicated team that have great insight and understanding in different areas,” he said. 

For further information or if you would like to register your interest in reserving a suite, please call Kristy Potts 02 6559 8777. 

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