Pat Collins talks about weed use in Kendall on Monday, February 26

While many people dismiss weeds as being the bane of gardeners, one woman argues there can be great purpose and value to them.

Pat Collins is an experienced herbalist and will visit Kendall on Monday, February 26 to share her vast knowledge of using common weeds and herbs to benefit health. 

The presentation involves a practical demonstration where Pat will show people how to identify and use weeds, which can be found growing among their flowers and plants.

Pat said weeds can teach people a lot in terms of understanding gardens, soil improvement, compost, food and medicine.

Weeds including dandelion and chickweed have incredible vitamin and mineral properties. 

“Dandelions are loaded with potassium and help people who have diuretic or kidney related issues,” she said. 

Pat said the dandelion flowers can be used to make honey and contain vitamin A. 

She describes the stinging nettle as being a ‘powerhouse of nutrients’ and can be ground up to add to food. Pat said the nettle can also be used as a hair product. 

There are some weeds, Pat said which can be harmful to native Australian plants and she teaches people how to distinguish the bad weeds from the good ones. 

Pat said it’s very important people are educated before they begin to forage for edible weeds.

“You need to be very sure that the weeds you are picking are what you think they are,” she said. 

Pat gained an interest in the uses of weeds after she started doing research on how to help her sick children back in the 80s. 

The event is on from 10am to 12.30pm at Kendall Community Hall. The cost is $15 or $10 concession. 

People are asked to book by February 22 by calling 0438626803. 

It covers a full range of weeds from those annoying plants that pop up in the garden to majestic trees.

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