Dynamic duo Not So Serious at Kendall Music Exchange on March 2

Raised by otters in a small village in outer Mongolia, these twin sisters make up the dynamic duo called, Not So Serious.

After an early career as lead violinists and ukulele players in the Ukrainian Country and Western classical folk orchestra, they moved to Hollywood. The sisters became well known in the world of new age punk reggae metal, having released the major hit single 'beetroots are wonderful'.

Now, after a successful tour of central south east Turkmenistan, they have landed in Kendall and will grace our eyes and ears (and also noses, we hope) with their own particularly peculiar brand of their new chosen genre, Mongolian Chinese Buddhist chanting and frog calls.

Oddly enough, you just might get a sense of familiarity with these twins. Could it be that you liken yourself to their 'not so serious' attitudes? Come along and find out for yourself at Kendall Music Exchange on Friday, March 2 from 7pm.