Water restrictions in the council

Here we go again – water restrictions put on after the visitors have left the area and then the latest announcement may have to impose level three water restrictions. 

I have written to council several times regarding this ridiculous matter and all you get is an approach recommended by the NSW State Government. 

Council states we have enough water to account for an additional 24,000 people to live in the area by 2036. 

However, they say further population increases will result in additional 35 per cent volume of water required annually by 2046.

The way new estates are going in one after the other,  the area will require that 35 per cent long before then.

Now we have the statement of council unable to pump from the river as the water level is too low.

How many times has this happened?  Council states it is not practical to have unlimited storage capacity and unlimited supply of water.

I can assure council that if they keep going the ‘wonderland way’ they won't have any unlimited water.

Get with the program and look right into the future and have another dam in place - we will surely need it.

Graham Williams