Camden Haven High School principal Margaret Hutchinson

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Dear Community and Parents,

There has been correspondence from some concerned families in relation to the delivery of our Agriculture Curriculum as some inaccurate information has circulated. Please be assured that our Agriculture Department continues to be operational.

A recent Animal Welfare Health and Safety Review has provided the school with a range of essential recommendations to ensure the delivery of Agriculture subjects at Camden Haven High School meets policy and best practice.

The Agriculture Faculty is committed to opportunities to show and celebrate success, however our priority is – and always must be – the mandated delivery of quality teaching and learning within our core curriculum. The school is currently implementing the audit recommendations with core curriculum resources as a priority. In the meantime, some extra-curricular activities have been put on hold.

Camden Haven High School continues to demonstrate high quality curriculum delivery in all faculties and the update to the Agriculture Faculty will ensure our school is consistent with compliance and legislation requirements. These updates will allow the school, and the Agriculture Faculty, to provide ongoing support for activities that showcase this.

Agriculture classes will continue while these changes are implemented.

I apologise for the misinformation that has caused confusion and I encourage parents or concerned members of the community to contact me directly if there are any conversations continuing that conflict with this message.

Yours Sincerely,

Margaret Hutchinson

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