2018 Maricat Nationals at Queens Lake Sailing Club on February 24 and 25

Queens Lake Sailing Club hosted about 80 people over the weekend of February 24 and 25 for the 2018 Maricat Nationals. 

Dave Castleton said people travelled from all over the country for the event.

Mr Castleton said 27 boats were involved in the event on the weekend across four divisions. 

The conditions were pleasant for sailing over the weekend, with a 15 knot northerly breeze on Saturday. Four races were on Saturday, with an Olympic triangle structured course. 

Mr Castleton said on Sunday there was a 10 knot south easterly breeze and two races were on. 

Queens Lake Sailing Club has a regular fleet of about 10 maricats and the boat is designed to suit all ages and abilities. 

Mr Catleton said people are welcome to come along and try out the maricat, or another boat or help the club through volunteering roles. 

For more information please call Dave on 0402111230. 


Four divisions were sailed over the two days.  Boats were grouped by boat length, number of crew and number of sails

Division 1: Maricat 4.3 CAT rig ( 1 Sail, 1 Crew )

1st - David Younger on 'Cactus'

2nd - Rodney Anderson on 'Pointed Reply'

3rd - Wayne barry on 'Prima Facie'

Division 2: Maricat 4.3 Sloop rig ( 2 Sails, 2 Crew )

1st - Rohan Nosworthy and Charlie Nosworthy on '8 Ball' (Locals)

2nd - Paul McCab and Luke Lubbock on 'Anger Management'

Division 3: Maricat 4.3 Super Sloop rig ( 2 Sails, 1 Crew )

1st - Mick Colecliffe on 'Humungus 2'

1st - Mark Colecliffe on 'Bojangles'

3rd - Warren Pfeffer on 'Hot Pepper'

Division 4: Maricat 5.0 all rigs ( 2 Sails, 1 or 2 Crew )

1st - Peter Goldie and Rory Robinson on 'Goldfinger'

2nd - Robert Fowler and Jade Fowler on 'Captn Jack'

3rd - Adrian Heap and Lily Fowler on 'Bloody Mirical'