Response to query on when Lake Hope became Gogleys Creek in Camden Haven

In response to the letter query on Googleys Creek name.

In 1818 John Oxley named the area, in question, the Camden Haven Inlet. The name was retained until 1902 when the Training Walls were completed and the area in question was cut off from the Camden Haven Inlet. As a result, that part of the old Inlet between French’s Island and Dunbogan was named Gogley’s Creek. The rest of the old Inlet was named Gogley’s Lagoon.  The Gogley name comes from a Captain Gogley [spelt with one ‘o’] who, before c1896 when the Training Walls were constructed, often anchored in the Camden Haven Inlet near the area where the Oyster Sheds are now located in Gogley’s Lagoon.

The name of “Lake Hope” was only used colloquially by a few fishing families, around the time of World War II, when they fished the Gogley’s Lagoon for fish to feed themselves during hard times.

So part of the Camden Haven Inlet became Gogley’s Creek and Gogley’s Lagoon, but it was never named “Lake Hope”.

Phillip Bowman

President, Camden Haven Historical Society.