Love for Laurieton feature's missing photo

Loved all the beautiful photos in the Love for Laurieton feature but most noticeable by its absence is a photo of the once glorious panorama from Camden Head.

Looking down onto Wash House Beach and along the southern wall and onto North Haven Beach and beyond was once, and not long ago, one of the most stunning sights on the East Coast.

What a crying shame that nobody will view that sight again or at least until common sense prevails and the common tea-trees that block the view are thinned out.

These trees may be green but they are neither attractive, rare or specific to that particular hill or a vital habitat for any species of birds as they can be found all over the coastline.

Their only value is in eliminating a unique view and how sad that the view now is just like looking at a green brick wall!

Wendy Crozier


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