Laurieton Public School participated in The Big Vegie Crunch on March 1

Laurieton Public School students took part in The Big Vegie Crunch to coincide with Vegetable Week on Thursday, March 1.

The event is run across NSW to encourage children to eat more vegetables. 

Currently only 5.4 per cent of Australian children eat enough vegetables.

In 2017, 29,067 students across NSW primary schools crunched together to break the record for the most children eating vegetables simultaneously. 

Schools across the state joined together again in 2018 in an attempt to break the record for the most students crunching vegetables simultaneously. 

Laurieton Public School wants to encourage parents and children to eat more vegetables both on the school ground and at home.

The Big Vegie Crunch is a free, school-based  event for NSW primary schools, supported by NSW Health.