Pedestrian access in Camden Head and Dunbogan

I noted in the Camden Haven Courier on March 7 the story on Dunbogan Bridge upgrades, that paper stated the bridge services over 1000 residents from Dunbogan .

I presume this does not include Camden Head or the Camden Haven residents that frequent the southern foreshore of the river or Pilot /Wash house/South beach daily.

I have written to Cr Alley and some others on the safe pedestrian issue due to the "Beach to Beach" path not yet been completed and noted from council’s documents that there is no PAMP (Pedestrian access Management Plan) for this area of the shire.

Reviewing council’s PAMP, most shire villages are in the plan except for Dunbogan and Camden Head.

Council’s PAMP needs to be revised for their short and long term strategies, for this area containing so many elderly residents and visitors. If the bridge is getting work done what considerations have been made for pedestrian access?

Daily I travel this road and have to stop or drive on the wrong side of the road to give space for pedestrians, cycles, mobility scooters and even wheelchairs trying to get from Camden Head to Laurieton.

I cycle with my children and have to share these narrow roads with the motor vehicles as well.

When will council allocate the funds and complete a safe pedestrian access to Laurieton shops from these two villages? or will it take a death on the road for councillors to speak up and vote for changes to the PAMP and instigate funding in conjunction with the bridge repairs.

I would love to hear what Cr Alley has done on these issues since election and what he is intending to work for in this area of multi generational infrastructure and connectivity.