Feeding native birds in the Camden Haven

In response to letter published in the Camden Courier Courier on March 2 concerning wildlife health in the Camden Haven. 

I live in an estate where I am being surrounded by people who “love to feed the birds.”

On numerous occasions I pointed to my neighbours that it maybe illegal to feed native birds, that it is harmful to them and make them dependant on hand-outs from humans. I even quoted paragraphs from a publication printed by the Department of Office and Heritage which said that native birds do not need extra food as they are well adapted to their environment.

I suggested to obtain a copy for themselves. Sadly, to this date I have not seen any change in the habit of neighbours feeding native birds.

In my own garden we have planted lots of trees and shrubs which are a ‘foot bowl’ for our native fauna.

We have placed a bird bath at a prominent spot, which the birds love and even the kangaroo drink from it on a hot day.

We are getting so much pleasure watching the birds drinking the nectar from the various plants and we know they are in a healthy environment.

Charlotte Hummel, Lakewood