Weather in the Camden Haven for the week beginning March 12

NICE WEATHER: The sun will be out this week.
NICE WEATHER: The sun will be out this week.

After a long, hot and humid summer, moving into March temperatures will hover in the mid 20s for most of the working week.

Weatherzone meteorologist, Joel Pippard said residents can expect fine conditions peppered with a few showers.

“For Tuesday and Wednesday (March 13-14) there will be intermittent showers,” he said.

“There will be rain developing in the late afternoon and evening on Tuesday, but will only continue as showers – light but persistent – on Wednesday.”

However, the rain will be short lived with warm and sunny conditions expect to end out the week.

“After the showers during the middle of the week, residents can then expect to have clear and sunny conditions on Thursday and Friday with temps in the high 20s.

“The average day temperature for March is 26 degrees, so this week’s temperatures are slightly above average for this time of the year.

“That said, overnight the temperature will be a much more comfortable 17 degrees, on average.”

Mr Pippard also said a low pressure system forming in the tropical waters in northern Queensland, will weaken as it heads towards Brisbane, but may cause some large swells to materialise on the Mid North Coast.

“As the low pressure system moves towards Brisbane we can expect to see the swell off Port Macquarie to sit at around 3-4 feet, but may increase up to 6 feet on Thursday.

“At this stage it will just depend on how much the system weakens as it gets closer to southern Queensland.”