Car and bike show at the Cundletown Uniting Church 2018

About 50 cars and 25 motorcycles were on display at the Cundletown Community Markets and Pride and Joy Car and Bike Show on Sunday, March 11.

Chris Goodsell was the organiser of the inaugural event and was happy with the turnout for the day.

“Some wonderful cars including the one and only Jensen of that model registered in Australia.

“A gorgeous Dodge Royal, I remember them from Broderick Crawford's Highway Patrol TV series way back in the late 50s.

“Bruce Yarnold's adorable Haflinger was as always a great hit.

“In case of air raids, a World War II army jeep was in attendance, complete with replica 50 milimetre machine gun.

“The bikes were an eclectic range of magnificent, chrome encrusted cruisers, some beautiful Ducatis, some wonderful historic bikes to trail bikes and quads.

“We even had an amazing old tow truck turn up. When was the last time you saw a tow truck with a crane?

“The markets were also a great success with a big range of stalls to browse.

“A very big thank to my mate Brian Payne for his help on the day.

“Roll on 2019,” he said. 

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