Camden Haven High School Cross Country on April 4

The Camden Haven High School Annual Cross Country took place on Wednesday April 4 with perfect weather conditions.

There was record attendance with over 300 who participated. The school thanked the students for their sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

Relieving Principal Meaghan Cook would like to wish all the students a safe and happy holidays. School resumes Tuesday May 1.

The age Champions  were :

             Boys Champions                           Girls Champions

12s       Adam Partlett                                   Molly Cicak

13s       Harry Stewart                                   Mia George

14s       Reeve Anderson                              Mia Bates

15s       Brock Roberts                                  Elen Miller

16s       Chayce Anderson                            Shae Bradford

17s       Lleyton Smith                                   Charli George

18+       Tom Lewis                                       Tasha Lorenz