Camden Haven Community of Schools Robotics Competition

The annual Camden Haven Community of Schools Robotics Competition was held at Camden Haven High School over two days in April.

Primary school students from the local area competed in movement challenges, an interview and a drag race using robots they made from Mindstorm Kits and Lego pieces.

This year the challenges involved the robot doing a 360 spin, deliver an item and a person to a shop, rescue an animal and push a car into a garage.

There were 10 Camden Haven High School students who volunteered to organise the day and mentor the students, led by Tiana Moore.

“There was a lot of preparation that went into it,” said Tiana.

“My favourite part of the day was seeing all the kids being so excited…they were all being good to each other and helping.”

Her favourite part of robotics is all the experiences, opportunities and learning.

“Sometimes [women are disadvantaged] because it is a male-dominated career path but through robotics they’ve been trying to get more girls involved,”

“That’s why I created the Girls in Engineering Award, to get the female students involved and excited about STEM.”

Alexi Walker from North Haven Public School received the Girls in Engineering Award because she ‘contributed to her team, took control and didn’t let the boys take over.’

Tiana is considering becoming an entrepreneur in a company that encourages women in STEM once she graduates.