Indian Mynas trapped to be euthanised in the Camden Haven

Camden Haven residents are working to eradicate the Indian Myna bird from the area. 

Kendall resident Linda Frakes has been trapping the birds for about 10 years and is passionate about eradicating the pest. 

“These birds are categorised as one of the worst invasive pests in the world,” she said. 

“Their prolific breeding rate, coupled with their instinct to eradicate all competition for food and nesting areas, are a massive threat to native birds and small mammals.”

Linda said within a few months Indian Mynas, left unchecked, can virtually eradicate many species of native bird within a few years of moving into an area. 

“The Camden Haven has a most wonderful array of native birds,” she said. 

“Their colours and songs are so much a part of our environment.

“Sadly, we could lose them.”

Rob Rutter lives at Kendall and has been trapping the birds for a few months. 

He sourced a cage from the Men’s Shed group and caught 23 just before Christmas. He estimates he would have trapped over 40 this year. 

Linda and Rob take the birds to be euthanised by the local vet. 

Linda said she hopes more people will come on board to help trap the pest, which she said is easy to do. 

“Indian Mynas are attracted to anywhere they can get easy food; cat or dog food left outside, or chook yards, or compost heaps,” she said. 

If you would like to help trap the Indian Myna birds in the Camden Haven or for more information please ring Linda on 6559 4242.