Nicholas Hafey is a fourth generation rotarian after induction at Rotary Club of Laurieton

Nicholas Hafey has followed in the footsteps of three generations, after he was inducted as a rotarian and joined the Rotary Club of Laurieton on Monday, April 9. 

Nicholas’ father Phil Hafey is the current president of the Rotary Club of Laurieton and the pair hope to build on their already close relationship. 

“It adds a different aspect which we can share together,” Nicholas said. 

Nicholas said it was a privilege to join a group whose members do so much for the community, through helping to raise funds or by donating their time to various projects. 

Phil Hafey’s positions with the Rotary Club of Laurieton have included president, secretary, treasurer, youth director and public relations director.

Nicholas said he hoped he could grow to be like his father, who he describes as having dedication to the club which is ‘second to none’. 

While Nicholas has only just become a rotarian, he said he attended meetings for weeks as a guest to meet members of the club. 

Nicholas’ great grandfather was a long serving member of the Ryde Club in Sydney and his grandfather was the charter president of the West Sydney Rotary Club.

Although Nicholas never got the opportunity to meet his grandfather or great grandfather, he said he hoped to do them proud.