Camden Haven High School agriculture plot's new steer calves

On Monday, May 7 Camden Haven High School agriculture plot was a whirl of excitement when two new friends were welcomed to the cattle yard.

Gary and Gavin, Black Angus steer calves, have attracted a lot of attention from the students.

School principal Margaret Hutchinson thanked agriculture assistant Peter Martin, whose expertise and efforts have been instrumental to the success of this program.

“Many thanks for your commitment to the school and your support for the planned improvements,” she said. 

Mr Hutchinson said stage one of the cattle yard improvements have been completed, with stage two approved and awaiting delivery of materials.

“Our students are passionate about the ag plot and we are excited to see these latest developments,” she said. 

“Once the infrastructure and processes have been put in place the cattle enterprise at Camden Haven High School will be second to none.”

The school is currently implementing audit recommendations following a recent Animal Welfare Health and Safety Review. 

Mrs Hutchinson said some extra-curricular activities have been put on hold. Students have been competing independently at state shows.