Letter: Port region can't afford to ignore air passengers' complaints

Just writing to you about my experience with a Virgin/Alliance flight.

It was a Port Macquarie to Brisbane flight on a Saturday. I had booked well in advance.

Two days before, I was emailed to say the flight was cancelled, and I was put on a Sydney flight to connect with the Brisbane flight.

On checking in that Saturday at 9am, I was told the flight was delayed, and I wouldn’t be boarding until 12.30pm, but with that, I would miss my connecting flight to Brisbane that they – earlier in the week – had booked me on.

I wasn’t happy, because I had changed the bus transfer as well to coincide with that flight, and with all that, still no apology. It was virtually: “Bad luck. Take this flight. Don’t take this flight. Next, please.”

With missing my Brisbane connection, they put me on a Gold Coast flight, and then they were going to bus me to Brisbane airport.

I was so upset with the whole events of that day, my daughter decided to drive from the Sunshine Coast to pick me up, and ended up being 5pm that afternoon, when I should have been dropped off at her place by the airport bus from Brisbane that I originally booked at lunchtime that day.

I’m not happy at all, but that is the only airline that flies from Port Macquarie to Brisbane.

I know a lot of people driving to Coffs and even Newcastle airport to be assured of flights, and I bet if Taree had more flights, they would go there, which is bad news for Port Macquarie.

I hope someone hears these complaints, because I know I’m not the only one.  The Port region can’t afford to ignore them.

Narelle Stig