RockFest is at Camden Haven High School on May 22, 2018

Macklan Dawes says he is looking forward to gaining exposure and experience when his band performs at RockFest on Tuesday, May 22. 

The music competition is being hosted by Camden Haven High School and provides high school students with the opportunity to perform contemporary music live in front of their peers, friends and teachers.

Year 11 students Macklan Dawes, Daniel Johnson, Cooper Joyce and Robbie Usher-Clark are the musicians who form the band Mack Daddy. They described their style as Indie Rock. 

The students have been practicing hard during their lunch break. They have also secured gigs at pubs in the Camden Haven area. 

Macklan said it will be great to network with other bands and to watch them perform. 

He said he was feeling a bit nervous in the lead up to the competition, as he hasn’t been playing electric guitar for very long. 

“I’ve been playing for about four months, before that I played acoustic,” he said. 

RockFest organiser Luc Travers said every year there is a variety of music on display and styles  include roots, rock, funk, folk and acoustic acts through to metal. 

In 2017, 900 high school students from over 100 schools competed.This is the first time the event has been in NSW. 

Mr Travers said in 2018 there are more schools and students involved due to the introduction of the solo and duo category.

RockFest features a junior category from Year 7 to 9 and a senior division which includes Year 10 to 12.

Mr Travers said the winner of the senior band category will compete at the national final in Melbourne  on August 30.

This year also sees the involvement of high profile musicians as judges at several of the local heats.

“We are excited by this development, as it vindicates our belief in the value of such a competition,” Mr Travers said. 

Camden Haven High School head of arts Peter Dick said there were strong competitors from the school and he wished them luck.