Kristie Neilson thanks samaritans who helped during daughter's epileptic seizure

Kristie Neilson with her children Lockie, Josie and Ella (behind).

Kristie Neilson with her children Lockie, Josie and Ella (behind).

Kristie Neilson wants to thank two men who came to her aid when her daughter Josie suffered an epileptic seizure. 

Kristie was at her Kew home with her children Lockie (three-years-old), Josie (22 months) and Ella (seven months) when the incident happened on Wednesday, March 28.  

“I heard a strange noise and I asked Lockie what it was, as he had been playing with her in the backyard,” she said. 

“He replied ‘it’s Josie’.”

Kristie saw Josie convulsing on the ground with saliva coming out of her mouth. She yelled for help and two men came to help her. 

“They were great with Lockie and Ella,” she said. 

“Lockie was distraught because he thought Josie was dying and Ella was crying at the time.” 

Kristie said the men called an ambulance. Josie and Kristie were taken to Port Macquarie Base Hospital and then flown to John Hunter Hospital. 

The men called Kristie’s mum and dad who stayed with Lockie and Ella at their home. 

Kristie said she would love to track down the two men who helped her on the day, to let them know how grateful she was for their help. 

She said she suspects they might have been working on a house within the Kew Links Estate. 

Since July, 2017 Kristie said Josie has suffered about 15 seizures. 

Her case of epilepsy has been described as a complex.

Kristie said she is worried that in the future she won’t be there to help Josie and will rely on someone else to help stop the seizures, by giving her medicine. 

The medication, Kristie said stops the convulsions and Josie goes into a ‘trance like state’. 

Kristie said despite having suffered many seizures, her daughter appears to be happy and is still developing normally. 

Whenever Josie has a seizure, Kristie rolls her on her side so she doesn’t choke on her own saliva. Kristie tries to keep Josie as comfortable as possible. 

It is something she hopes other parents never have to experience as she described it as a ‘very scary’ experience.