Coles cuts Starburst stock

Laurieton resident Montana Mozeley says she is disappointed her favourite brand of lollies will no longer to be available to buy off the shelf from Coles.

A spokesperson from Coles said following a recent range review, the company will no longer stock the Starburst products.

“We regularly review our product range to ensure we have the products customers want while providing great value,” she said. 

Montana, who is a Laurieton resident said her favourite Starburst lollies were the fruity gel type and the ones which were chewy. 

“I tried to hunt them down the other day and I was sad when I couldn’t find them anywhere,” she said. 

The 19-year-old said she will miss the energy hit they provided during busy days and for dance classes. 

She said she’ll have to make do with another brand or buy chocolate instead.