Kendall Manufactured Home Estate development opposition

In reply to the letter from Kathrine Steele in this week’s Courier, I am also a ‘new’ resident of eight years in beautiful, serene, peaceful and friendly Kendall. These are the attributes my husband and I chose for our preferred place of residence when we moved here. We were not interested in developments coming to our town as we love the ambience of living here in Kendall.

The Manufactured Home Estate you refer to will not be an integral part of Kendall as it will have its own Community Centre, bowling green, men’s shed and swimming pool. In Kendall and Kew, we already have all these facilities that residents can join and be involved in the town in a communal way. The proposed estate and its residents will thus be insular, a little Estate unto themselves.

There are more suitable towns in the Camden Haven where this development could be situated that already have the necessary infrastructure for an estate of this size.

Patricia Duff, Kendall