Best Week for Aub Hawkins and Pat Monk at Whiddon Group Laurieton

Residents at the Whiddon Group Laurieton have reconnected with their interests and passions from their younger lives. 

The centre has initiated a program called Best Week which is a way of introducing tailored and meaningful activity into the lives of residents in the Whiddon care home. 

Staff discover what kind of activities residents enjoyed when they were younger, as well as their achievements and what they are passionate about.

On Wednesday, June 13  Aub Hawkins and Pat Monk lived out their dreams.

Pat grew up on a farm surrounded by horses in Warwick, Queensland. 

She rode horses from when she was five-years-old and has fond memories of going on outings with her family.

On June 13 miniature horses were brought into the Whiddon Group Laurieton so Pat could once again pat and feed the animals. 

Pat described the experience as ‘wonderful’. 

Aub has had his licence since he was 14-years-old and only recently stopped driving at the age of 97-years-old, due to poor eyesight. 

Since 1934 Aub has loved working on motors and racing cars at the racetrack. 

On Wednesday, June 13 Aub got to cruise to North Haven, driven by Whiddon Group Laurieton director of care services George Fotoulis in his Mustang. 

Aub came prepared and wore a hat so that he wouldn’t get ‘car hair’ when the roof of the car came off. 

He also brought a scarf but he said it wouldn’t be necessary as the car had heated seats. 

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