Laurieton resident comments on dogs

Letter: keep dogs under control

While the dog debate in the letters section seems to have gone,  I take some space to put a late perspective into this subject.

Am I a dog owner? No. Do I mind other people owning dogs? No.

What I do mind is when their dogs invade my life, by their barking, their pooping, their uncontrolled walking in crowded places and by their aggressive behaviour on beaches.

If I want to listen to a dog bark I will get a dog. If I want dog poop on my lawn I will get a dog. 

I do not want those things so why should I have them thrust upon me by the dogs of other people?

You have every right to have a dog just as I have every right not to. Equally I have every right not to have my space, both from a physical and a noise aspect, invaded by the doings of other peoples’ dogs. Your dog belongs to you, not to me or anyone else.  

Am I a cranky old man? Possibly. Have I always been a cranky old man? No. So what has turned me into a cranky old man? If I had to define any one particular thing it is the uncaring attitude of people who believe they have the right to do anything without due regard for its effect on other people.

Have a dog by all means but may I request that you keep it quiet and under control. Then, perhaps, we can all be happy and I can cease being “a cranky old man”.

Bill O'Donnell