Bream numbers are above average for this time of year in Hastings River estuary

It's good to be the king: Our Berkley Pic of the Week is Stuart McIntosh with a terrific lure-caught kingfish from offshore just north of Port Macquarie.

It's good to be the king: Our Berkley Pic of the Week is Stuart McIntosh with a terrific lure-caught kingfish from offshore just north of Port Macquarie.

With winter officially behind us let’s hope the upcoming spring angling season will see a continuation of the terrific action the Mid-North Coast is renowned for.

In the estuary, flathead remain terrific, as they have pretty well all winter. Whitebait as usual has been the pick of the baits, while those throwing lures of all types continue to achieve considerable success.

Bream numbers surprisingly are above average for this time of year and there are still some quality fish among them. Best results have been achieved by those fishing the darker hours with either yabbies or gut baits, with quite a few near bag limit catches achieved over the past week.

On the blackfish front, results have been a little inconsistent with good numbers and quality one day, while being hard work the next. Best reports have come from the south break wall in Port, and once again from Lake Cathie.

On the subject of Lake Cathie, while the system is still open to the ocean, at the time of writing anyway, closure would appear imminent given the amount of sand near the entrance. No doubt mother nature will dictate when as she always does.

On the beaches, results remain somewhat subdued which is not to be unexpected at this time of year. The distinct lack of formation on most stretches of sand is also not at all helpful. However despite these challenges, those who have persisted are still catching a few nice bream, with Crescent Head again holding some nice well conditioned fish.

Tailor have been spasmodic at best, with Lighthouse seeing a few reasonable fish one day, and little the next. We have however had a couple of positive reports on nice whiting on Shelley’s, with worms the bait of choice.

Off the rocks, there are still a few drummer active for those willing to put in the time seeking the washed out areas. Rockies is worth a look locally, as too, Diamond Head to the south. Blackfish numbers remain consistent, with some well conditioned fish feeding actively locally, and around Point Perpendicular on cabbage and bull weed.

Tailor numbers are only reasonable, although the odd nice greenback is about. This time of year often sees a few really nice fish along our part of the coast, so I wouldn’t be packing the tailor away just yet.

Offshore, while snapper numbers have been terrific this winter, September often sees the best action of the year so let’s hope this year is no exception.

All we need is the wind and sea to be somewhat cooperative. Also offshore, kingfish numbers have been reasonable from both around Trag rock and wider on the ridge, while those fishing the reefs in between 50 and 80 meters have been scoring some cracking pearl perch.

There are also still a few leather jackets out in that depth range, which is either an attraction or turn off depending upon your views of this species.

Until next time, tight lines and good fishing to all.

This story Bream aplenty on gut bait first appeared on Port Macquarie News.