Disability Parking Permit treatment

Who knew a Disability Parking Permit could cause me so much grief ....

Yes I am a young mum with three children and to look at me you would think there is absolutely nothing wrong. But you don’t walk in my shoes and know the pain that I feel. Just because I am not a stereotypical old person with grey hair and a walking stick doesn’t mean I don’t have trouble getting around.

Today an older couple drove past as I parked and pointed to the fact I was in a disabled park and to their windscreen indicating I need a pass, which I did have displayed. Then as they parked I explained that I do have a pass. The fella continued with “and I bet it isn’t even yours”. I offered to show him my photo ID but he refused and said he’d “be following it up”. Him and his wife were just so rude and I didn’t deserve to be spoken to the way I was.

Alena Bell