Huge turn out to the 2018 Camden Haven Orchid Society’s Spring Show

There was a line out the door on the first day of the Camden Haven Orchid Society's Spring Show at Laurieton United Services Club.

The orchids are display all weekend, September 8-9 and the Orchid Society of NSW judges will be present to carefully select which exhibits should be awarded excellence, said society member Andrew Young.

“So far we have had a great turn out of people come and visit the show as well as lots of people purchasing plants to take home,” Mr Young said.

“The official judging was done on Friday so you can rest assured you will be seeing the best of the best from around the region.

“Overall there are more than 240 plants on display for people to look at ranging from local native orchids to the exotic kind hailing from Asia, Africa and South America.”

Mr Young said that it is a myth that orchid do not produce a perfume.

“Young know the orchid show is on because as you walk down the hallway to the display area at the Laurieton United Servicemen's Club the smell hits you,” he said.

“There is such a varied range of species each with a range of colours and sizes that it stands to reason their smells to also.

“From a vanilla smell to a citrus and a heavier smell it is quite something to walk around the displays.”

Awards will be presented on Sunday, September 9 at 3pm by a board member from Laurieton United Services Club and the public can view the orchids on  Sunday from 9.30am to 3pm. 

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