Leanne Goggin joins Life Education's Ocsober challenge

Leanne Goggin
Leanne Goggin

Leanne Goggin likes to practice what she preaches in living out an active and healthy lifestyle. 

During the month of October, she has embarked on the Ocsober challenge and is abstaining from alcohol for 31 days. 

Ocsober is run by the team at Life Education, and every dollar raised will go towards funding education programs to prevent drug and alcohol related harm, and help children to live safe and healthy lives.

Leanne thanked Belinda Eggert, Hannah Forward, Kylie Pollard, Jo McCarthy, Steve McCarthy, Michelle Butt and David Maine for their support. 

“We are getting the message out there and hopefully raising funds for Life Education and the valuable work they do,” Leanne said. 

Leanne has run the Healthy Harold program for the last 21 years, as part of her coordinator role at Life Education.

Leanne said children ought to be applauded for their ‘fabulous choices’ in regards to alcohol and smoking. 

“It has been reported there are less young children taking up smoking and drinking than ever before,” she said. 

“Kids are making smarter choices.”

Leanne said her everyday her job involves educating young children about their bodies. 

“How incredible their lives can be when they make healthy and active lifestyle choices,” she said. 

Active lifestyle: Leanne Goggin from Wauchope Bonny Hills SLSC. Photo: supplied.

Active lifestyle: Leanne Goggin from Wauchope Bonny Hills SLSC. Photo: supplied.

While Leanne does keep healthy and active through her commitments with Wauchope Bonny Hills SLSC, running group and through her job, she does like to indulge in social drinks with friends. 

She said October will be a challenging month because a couple of her friends are celebrating their 50th birthdays.

Leanne last participated in Ocsober in 2014 and said this year would be a test.  

Leanne took on Ocsober in 2014.

Leanne took on Ocsober in 2014.

“It’s going to be a big challenge for me, but I’m looking forward to the many benefits this will bring; feeling healthier and fitter, maybe dropping a few kilos and setting a good example for young Aussie kids,” she said. 

For more information people can visit Leanne’s Ocsober fundrasing page.

If you would like to join Leanne’s team please call 0439 848 996. 

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