Fundraiser for Lake Cathie resident Willow Powick's gift to hear

Willow Powick has a rare hearing condition called Atresia and is set to undergo surgery in the USA to allow her to hear. Photo: supplied.

Willow Powick has a rare hearing condition called Atresia and is set to undergo surgery in the USA to allow her to hear. Photo: supplied.

Lake Cathie resident Willow Powick has never heard the voices of her parents say ‘I love you’, the sound of her own laughter or music which comes from an orchestra. 

However all that is about to change when the four-year-old travels to the USA for life-changing surgery on her ears. 

Willow has a rare hearing condition called Atresia, meaning she was born with no ear canals in both ears.

“Something nature had forgotten to give her,” Willow’s mum Skye said. 

Willow and her parents Skye and Jeff met with an internationally renowned Otolaryngology specialist recently in Australia. 

“Dr Joseph Roberson reviewed a CT scan Willow had,” Skye said.

“With confidence he assured us he could repair her Atresia and get her hearing to a level that most people hear at normally.”

The family will travel to California for the procedure. 

“The desire for us to get the most specialised care for our daughter has made our decision to travel to the USA the only option,” Skye said. 

However the cost of the procedure is expected to cost over $110, 000, which doesn’t include accommodation, flights or a hire car. 

The operation to have Willow’s Atresia repaired needs to be completed in two separate surgical procedures, six months apart.


The Camden Haven community is rallying behind the family and there is a Camden Haven Touch Day on October 28, where all proceeds will go to Willow and her family.  

The event is at Laurieton Oval from 9am until 4pm. 

If people would like to enter a team please call Bec Faddy on ‭0403 909 799‬.

The cost is $10 per person and teams will have a maximum of 11 players. Teams must be on the ground by 8.30am for registration.

The event is family friendly and will feature jumping castles, novelty races, children activities and great prizes. 

For more information visit the event’s Facebook page.

Willow’s life 

Skye said Willow plays alone in her own world, as she has trouble socialising with other children who don’t understand her. 

“It’s a happy world as she doesn’t know any better,” she said. 

Skye and Jeff have made the decision for Willow to undergo surgery as they don’t want her to be alone or secluded. 

Willow’s current weekly schedule consists of attending two speech therapy appointments, occupational therapy, early intervention services and a psychologist.

“Not your average week for a young child,” Skye said. 

“For us as parents we have the chance to change what we thought was our story.

“We have been given a miracle in the name of a surgeon.”

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