Ava Hartog finds a Bribie Rock

Ava Hartog was surprised when she found a coloured rock labelled ‘boo’ at a rest stop near Taree on October 28. 

She showed her mum Bec and they discovered it had a message on the back of it. 

The message read ‘keep or re-hide. Take pic and tell us where you found it. Join us on Bribie Rocks on Facebook’. 

Bec took a photo of the rock and posted it to the Facebook page to let its members know it had been found. 

Bec and Ava discovered the rock had been hidden by its previous owner just minutes before Ava came across it. 

The postcode on the rock indicated that it originated at a Queensland address. 

The Bribie Rocks Facebook group encourages people to sign up to the giant treasure hunt. 

Ava plans to rehide the rock she found. She hopes that a tourist discovers it so they can be part of the fun. 

Bec said the Bribie Rocks group has a great community feel about it, as it includes people across all generations. 

She said older people love it because it takes them back to their childhood days of doing treasure hunts. 

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