Emergency services on hand to help girl with hand stuck in pool pipe, Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie

A nine-year-old girl has had a lucky escape after getting her hand caught in the intake pipe of a pool in Port Macquarie on Sunday, November 4.

Thirteen members from the Port Macquarie SES unit along with Port Macquarie police and ambulance crews helped young Laura in a delicate operation over several hours at her home in Lighthouse Beach.

Michael Ward from the Port Macquarie SES unit said it was one of the more unusual rescues they’ve been called to.

“We are the accredited rescue agency in Port Macquarie so we absolutely train for rescues like this one on a regular basis,” Mr Ward said.

“That said, this type of rescue is fairly unusual and it took us more than three hours to set the girl free.

“We were working with ambulance and police crews to ensure her safety and ours throughout the operation.”

Mr Ward said the extraction was an involved rescue.

“We had to cut pipe and concrete to get the girl’s hand out safely but it is what we prepare for so we worked slowly and methodically to free her.”

NSW Ambulance Media said Laura was taken to Port Macquarie Base Hospital after being freed.

“We first got the call just after 5pm and had one crew at the house which stayed with the girl during the rescue to ensure she was safe and not in pain,” a spokesperson said.

“She did not lose consciousness and was able to communicate with crews throughout.

“She was then transferred her to Port Macquarie Base Hospital once she was free and taken for x-rays.”