2018 Camden Haven High School formal at Laurieton United Services Club

A stranger would have mistaken students as celebrities when they arrived in style, strutted up the red carpet and posed like models for the 2018 year 12 formal. 

The event was at the Laurieton United Services Club on Monday, November 12. 

The red carpet was rolled out as part of the formality of the occasion for students to parade down, after they arrived to the venue in their chosen vehicle of transport. 

Inside LUSC, the students were treated to a spectacular formal setup which featured a flower arch and elegant table features. 

Staff got into the spirit of the night by donning fancy dress wear at the event.  

The school’s staff wished the students all the best for the future as they embark on life beyond school.

Year 12 students have finished their HSC exams for 2018 and officially graduated in September.