Letter: Support for student strike on climate change

I am a retired science teacher, and for decades, the phenomenon of global warming (a.k.a. ‘the greenhouse effect’) has been taught as part of the curriculum. Yet we, as custodians of the earth that subsequent generations will inherit, do next to nothing to address the immensely urgent matter of climate change.

Instead, we avert our eyes, continue to plunder the earth’s resources to support our lifestyles. We deny our children and grandchildren clean air, water and soil, healthy forests that sustain diverse plant and animal life, and a liveable climate.

The goal of education is independent reasoning based on factual evidence. The nation’s students have heard the news, read the science, and rightly concluded that all life on earth is in deep trouble. How much more valuable is that lesson, than another day in the classroom! 

I am proud to support the student strike which was on November 30. The students have realised that the emperor wears no clothes and have the courage and conviction to take action. But are we ready to listen?

Jane McIntyre