Formation of a Camden Haven network

The formation of a Camden Haven network is closer to fruition after groups linked together for the first time. 

A number of representatives from Camden Haven groups met on November 24 to discuss their projects and how they might coordinate with each other in the future. 

Mike Dodkin from the Camden Haven Historical Society said it was an opportunity for representatives to discuss any issues including overlapping of projects, funding sources and how each group is progressing.  

Representatives walked from Bunny’s Corner to the Dunbogan Bridge and inspected signage, linkage of paths, local vegetation, bush regeneration sites, environmental hazards, heritage and Aboriginal Land Council boundaries.

Mike said the group discussed the implementation of a network body. The representatives are set to meet up in February to discuss further. 

The group also raised the concept of a joint logo on signage.

“The Laurieton or Camden Haven flag has been suggested and is already in use with the two new Pilot Station signs at Camden Head,” Mike said. 

At the February meeting, Mike said the group will aim to identify a cohesive vision, possible newsletter, register of signage and a map which displays various projects of each group.