Mid North Coast Karate at Kew students achieve black belts

Sempai Anissa Hilton and Shihan Peter Becroft
Sempai Anissa Hilton and Shihan Peter Becroft

Two students from Mid North Coast Karate at Kew recently travelled to Blackheath for their black belt grading.

They were put to the test with fellow students from across NSW.

Sempai Anissa Hilton successfully achieved her first Dan while senior instructor shihan Peter Becroft successfully achieved his sixth Dan. He also gained the rank of renshi.

Shihan Peter said a black belt grading is a test of knowledge, spirit and character.

“Students must demonstrate their knowledge of basics, applications of basics, kata (forms), sparring and self defence over a two day period,” he said.

Sempai Anissa and shihan Peter were tested in front of a panel of martial artists from Australia, New Zealand and China.

“I am very proud of Sempai Anissa. This is a fantastic achievement and representative of a lot of hard work, commitment and dedication to training.” said shihan Peter.

Shihan Peter Becroft has over 40 years of experience in martial arts and has been teaching karate in the Camden Haven for over 22 years.

During his martial arts career, shihan Peter has represented Australia twice and placed second in kata and third in sparring. shihan Peter has also travelled to China twice to teach.

A project was submitted as part of shihan Peter’s grading. 

For his project, Shihan Peter developed a series of flow drills to show a two person representation for several katas.

“I developed the flow drills so students can gain a greater understanding of what they are doing,” he said. 

“Every move in karate has a self-defence application and these flow drills help to understand some of these applications”.

Mid North Coast Karate is part of the Goshin-Ryu Karate Association. Goshin-Ryu is one of Australia’s oldest and largest karate clubs. 

For more information people can contact shihan Peter Becroft on 0418 473 148 or via email midnorthcoastkarate@hotmail.com. Classes for 2019 begin on Monday, January 7.