Letter: Development at Batar Creek Road, Kendall

This development will direct large volumes of traffic through Kendall village because there will be no public transport. 

The residents will have to use private vehicles. 

Kendall village roads are not of sufficient standard to cater for such a traffic increase. 

The roads are narrow and most do not have footpaths. They are also not wide enough to cater for roadside vehicle parking, which creates some unsafe situations. 

Inviting large numbers of over 55-year-old drivers to travel through Kendall on a daily basis is not wise. 

These residents will need to drive through Kendall for most of their daily needs including medical, pharmaceutical, shopping, automobile requirements and social clubs. 

Further to the above these residents will need to travel to Port Macquarie for things such as hospital treatments, specialist appointments, access to national brand appliance retailers, personal banking and other ‘city’ things. 

This will make the traffic problems in Port a lot worse. But that is another matter. 

How can we stop this development? 

Denis Hornsby