Port Macquarie SES rescue a toddler from a toilet over the weekend

What do you get when you cross a toddler and a toilet bowl? Curiosity? A good story for his 21st birthday? Or a smashed toilet?

The Port Macquarie SES unit was called to a house in Port Macquarie on Sunday, December 2 around lunch time, after reports a two year old boy was stuck in a toilet, said unit commander Michael Ward.

"In the past we have had calls to rescue people from being stuck in a room with a toilet in it but never actually had someone stuck in the toilet itself,” Mr Ward said.

“We had about seven people attend the call with another five on standby, as well as the police and ambulance who were on scene as well.

“From the time we got the call to the boy leaving in the ambulance it was about 45 minutes.” 

Mr Ward said the job was particularly challenging because the child’s foot was stuck in the S bend of the porcelain toilet.

“Porcelain is great because it is strong but it is also brittle so our crew had to exhaust all other options before we moved to break to toilet to get his foot out,” he said.

“The parents had done a great job at trying to get the boy’s foot unstuck but in the end the toilet was destroyed.”

He also said that despite SES members not having attended a call quite like this one, vigorous training prepares the crew for all different kinds of jobs they get tasked with.

How the toddler became stuck in the toilet remains a mystery but the SES say the toilet has already been replaced so it is on to the next adventure for the curious tot.