Letter: Council priorities

I read with interest last week’s letter to the editor "Dogs off Leashes".

I have also come across rangers on public holidays at Christmas and Easter at Wash House beach.

Seems the council has plenty of money to pay weekend and holiday rates. Seems though, their priorities are not what they should be.

Readers will remember the bad storm we had on the Thursday before Christmas, a lot of fallen trees and branches, none more so than in Pilot Beach carpark.

Remembering this is the start of our busiest time of year, council went down to Pilot Beach on Friday, put tape and barriers up, closing most of the carpark and left! It stayed this way until beachgoers took it all down on Sunday.

As of January 2 all the debris was still in the carpark, some blocking car spaces. Would  the council allow this to happen in Port?! Let's just keep using OUR money to pay rangers to harass dog owners.. Fair Dinkum!.

Neil Smith

Camden Head