Dogs off leashes at Wash House Beach

With much sadness, surprise and disappointment I read the letter from Angus Crowley regarding dogs 'off leash ' ..not being allowed at Gogleys  Lagoon.

I have also been going there almost daily with my dog, as it is a safe place where I could relax and exercise in the cool water with my dog.

For many years we went to Wash House Beach to swim in the shallow tidal pools together with other dog owners. We have formed wonderful friendships,  the memories of which I will always treasure.

However owners and their dogs were then unfairly restricted to a very unsafe area at Wash House Beach. Most of us, because of our age, were unable to enter the water without being knocked over by the strong waves.

Where to go?

Those of us lucky enough still to have a licence to drive would make the 20 kilometre round trip to Grants Beach to enjoy a swim with our dogs. However this also risked falling in the waves for many of us, and also a desperate struggle across the sand to reach the water. I can no longer cross the stretch of sand to reach the water.

Finding Gogleys lagoon usually deserted apart from the occasional fisherman, this has become a treasured place to once again enjoy a cool off with our dogs.

Yes our age group makes us a minority but please remember these are our last years.

We too like to be able to relax in safe water, as do our dogs who have similar needs to us. Their company is often our ONLY company and our simple enjoyment in sharing this time together, in the cool water on hot days is of great benefit when you have reached your eighties.

We do not want to remain shut away alone in our homes, afraid to go down into the water with our dog because the ranger may see us.

Where are we to go in this area now? How can elderly responsible citizens enjoy the company of our best friend and safe cool water?

Kristen Owen


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