Kendall Public School's induction for parliamentarians in 2019

Kendall Public School is in safe hands under the leadership of eight Year 6 students who have been named as the institution’s parliamentarians.

The male and female Prime Ministers, Portfolio Ministers and the Minister of Opposition were inducted into parliament at a special ceremony in front of family, staff and their peers on Thursday, February 7.

The students were presented with their badges, took an oath to proclaim their loyalty, signed a special document and the prime ministers gave their inaugural speeches.

Prime Minister Patrick said he looked forward to working closely with staff and students to pursue great things in 2019.

The Prime Minister thanked all the students who had voted for him and the teachers at Kendall Public School.

“I was always the shy, quiet kid who needed who need encouragement and with your help and support I’m standing here as prime minister for 2019,” he said.

Prime Minister Sophie urged everyone at the school to work hard, be kind to each other and have a great year.


Tye - Minister for Sport

Ashton - Leader of the Opposition

Charlie - Minster for Environment

Pat - Sir Prime Minister

Sophie - Madam Prime Minister

Halle - Minster for Welfare and Community Services

Ebeny - Minister for Communication

Katherine - Minister for Environment

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