Mark Eagleton's passion for knitting and crochet

Mark Eagleton has been a knitting and crochet enthusiast for 25 years and says the hobby continues to grow in popularity.

He said there is a perception that knitting and crochet is something that older women tend to do, however social media is helping to attract the younger generation.

Mark is a member of the online community Ravelry, which is a yarn and pattern database for knitters and crocheters.

He said he enjoys sharing his ideas with people and networking with others over a common passion.

Mark is most proud of a lace shawl which he made over a couple of months.

He enjoys knitting and crochet because he finds it relaxing, where he can be creative in his use of colour and design.

Mark said a lot of people are reluctant to take up knitting because they say they don’t have enough time.

“You just have to make time for it,” he said.

“People don’t have to spend hours of their day doing knitting, they can just pick it up and do 10 or five minutes at a time.”

Mark enjoys knitting while watching television at night.

While mistakes can be made in knitting, Mark doesn’t let it worry him as he said everything is fixable.

“I like things to be perfect.”

Mark has become a mentor to some of the ladies at the Kendall Kettles Craft group, showing them how to make socks and other items.

He will lead a shawl making session later on this year.

Mark moved to the area about seven years ago from Sydney and joined the group at Kendall.

The Kendall Kettles Craft group is inviting past and present members to an event to mark 10 years of operation.

The event is on Monday, February 11 at the Kendall Services Club from 9am. Morning tea will be provided by the group’s current members.

For more information about the event on Monday, February 11 or to join the group, please call Elizabeth Watson on 6559 0258 or 0412 004 816.

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