Camden Haven Local Lawyers play the Offs Softball Team

Lily Andrews hits the ball out to left field.Photo: Jo Critchley.

Lily Andrews hits the ball out to left field.Photo: Jo Critchley.

An understrength Camden Haven Local Lawyers were drawn to play the Offs Softball Team at the Ron and Ann Fitzsimmons diamond at Finlay Park Port Macquarie on Saturday, February 9.

The Lawyers batted first and scored three runs when safe hits by Fiona Ewan, Sara Currie, Nat Middleton and Chrissie Andrews kept the scorers busy. The game then took a left turn when the Offs batters put seven hard hit balls into the left hand side of the diamond and turned those hits into four earned runs.

A poor batting effort in the second innings by the Lawyers and solid batting by the Offs saw the Offs ahead with a potential game winning lead of 8/3. Coach Tom Critchley called for the “Calvary”.

Tom said the team was in deep trouble and a change had to be made.

The change was led by pitcher Chrissie Andrews who returned to the pitching circle. Chrissie all but shut the Offs batting down with the next three innings only producing one run for the Offs.

With the bat it was more of a team effort in the third innings. With 2 outs and backs against the wall, the team produced an amazing 2 down rally. This pressure filled rally produced 7 runs when walks by Mel Hunt and Sarah Jennings were followed by consecutive safe hits by Lily Andrews, Jordan Grieve, Fiona Ewan and Sara Currie. By the end of the innings the Lawyers supporters were breathing a little easier as the team was now leading 10/8.

Once taking the lead the Lawyers played with more confidence scoring an additional six runs in the final two innings.

Player of the game was undoubtedly Chrissie Andrews who remained calm under pressure throwing a combination of curve balls and fastballs to put the Lawyers into a possible winning position.

Fiona Ewan played possibly her best game of the season having 3 safe hits, a walk and being involved in 7 outs. This is just reward for the total effort Fiona puts into her training and preparation each week.

The loudest cheer of the day was reserved for Lily Andrews as she smashed the ball deep into leftfield to start the batting revival that won the game for the Lawyers. Lily, who is in her first season is slowly developing into a thinking right fielder and a competent batter.

The final score of 16/9 looks like a comfortable win to the local lawyers but only the crowd of people who witnessed the game can truly understand what an exciting and wonderful comeback win this truly was.